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RegIKlim - Regional information for action on climate change

The German research project RegIKlim, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), aims at developing decision-relevant knowledge on climate change in municipalities and regions and to create a sound basis for regionally specific information and evaluation services.The project consists of two main categories:

  • Regional Climate Modelling: state of the art regional climate projections are beeing utilized to help informing climate change adoptation strategies in the second category.
  • Model Regions: using climate change signals as well as spatial and landscape conditions information tools for decision making on regional climate change adoptation.
  • Integration: the two interfaces will be supported by a dedicated integration module that will provide infrastructure to make high-resolution regional and local climate available. An additional integration aspect will be accompanying research and providing opportunities for cross projcet coorperation.

Freva - Free Evaluation System Framework

The Climate Informatics and Technologies research group provides a standardized data and evaluation system - developed at the DKRZ and FUB in Germany. Freva provides efficient and comprehensive access to the model data base as well as to evaluation data sets. The application system is developed as an easy to use low-end application minimizing technical requirements for users and tool developers.